Masters Golf Superstroke 5.0 Legacy

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The Legacy 5.0 is a time-tested performer and the shape that started it all, featuring SuperStroke’s patented parallel grip technology. Its size to weight combination has made it a favourite grip on tour promoting stability throughout the putting stroke while providing great feel & feedback.

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The Fastest Growing Putter Grips on the Tour

With over 125 tour players having used SuperStroke technology, their patented grips help the world’s best play better every week. The proof: Over $50 million won on Tour.

Patented Parallel Design

Their parallel technology allows for even pressure in both hands, eliminating added tension in the wrist and forearms. This helps the arms to swing free, further enhancing a pendulum putting stroke.

New Material with CrossTraction Technology

Starting with a light-weight foam under listing, they have added a new high-tech PU material, featuring CrossTraction technology, for improved feel and tackiness.

Slip-On Design

SuperStroke putter grips have a traditional installation process. Simply use double-sided tape and grip solvent to apply.


  • USGA Approved
  • 1.67” Diameter
  • 10.50” Length
  • 90 Grams +/- 5
  • 0.580″ Core

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Black, Blue, Red


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