Driving Range – Power Tees

Here at Foregolf we’re lucky to be an official Power Tee location, offering Driving Range bays which take the hassle out of placing your balls, with machine operated placement minimising awkward bending and keeping your focus between strokes. Here’s how they work:

  1. Buy a basket of balls as normal, pour them into the hopper by opening the lid on the side of the mat.
  2. The first ball is immediately fed onto the tee. Adjust the height and position to ensure that the tee is setup perfectly for you and your chosen golf club.
  3. The Power Tee system has up to 40 adjustable tee heights to chose from, or simply change the height manually using the control panel. The tee moves up and down by a millimeter each time you press up or down, just press the desired direction until you are satisfied with the height.
  4. Use the top quality Fiberbuilt strike mat or the standing mat, to replicate the conditions encountered when playing golf on a well manicured fairway. Once struck the ball will be replaced automatically without the need to press anything, until all balls are used up.