Custom Fit – Fitting Carts

The fitting carts are awarded to golf stores in which the manufactures feel confident that their product will be fitted correctly and marketed to its best potential. This ensures that every set is fitted and never sold off the shelf as a fitted set.

Foregolf is unique in the fact it has all the top manufacturers fit carts and thus totally in partial to all suppliers. This gives the customer the opportunity to try all the clubs next to each other, including brands such as;

Callaway, PING , TaylorMade, Nike, Titleist, King Cobra, Wilson, Cleveland, Mizuno


At Foregolf we offer all our clubs on a made to measure concept and the following manufactures and their fit carts are in our fitting centre along with the FlightScope technology which is designed to track the ball through the air with military precision. With this information we can then recommend the correct club head design, shaft type, weight, flex, kick point, length lie and grip then the manufacturer will build this from the raw materials exactly to the specification.