Custom Fit

Opening Times

10:00 – 18:00 Monday – Friday

10:00 – 16:00 Saturday & Sunday


Why get custom fitted?

The art to fitting is to improve ball flight direction and distance. To do this we are looking for firstly, the club head speed. If you achieve 80 miles an hour club head speed, then the ball speed off the face should be increased by 50% to 120 miles an hour which most players do not achieve.

If you’re only managing 90 miles an hour ball speed, then this is inefficient and can be improved. Swap the shaft to lighter shaft, lower your kick point and then you will see the ball speed increase to nearer the magic 120 miles an hour.

Then looking at your launch angle, the perfect strike is at 12.5 degrees. Imagine if you are launching higher at say 16 degrees, the ball is then going too high too quick, meaning it will also come down too quickly and not run on.

Now, it is not as simple as reducing your loft as this increases spin and could make it worse, we need to look at shaft kick point design of club head and loft. Finally, we look at spin this is why golf balls have helped the game they have reduced spin but loft and shaft kick point also play a massive part in reducing ball spin. We can help you with this too.